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We make sustainable construction easy

Since 2017 we are sustainability reporting. We hope this report will increase awareness and provide inspiration for further sustainable initiatives, both in-house and externally. The joint brand platform for which all group companies witin the group are gathered together under the umbrella of a single brand; LK, places us in a stronger postion from which to handle future challenges and opportunities. At the same time, it provides us with a clearer view of our influence from a sustainability perspective. Together, we can develop the business so that both interim goals and overall goals can be attained more effectively. As far as we are concerned, it goes without saying that we should play our part in efforts to bring about a better world.

We review our suppliers and inspect our own operations on a regular basis. This sustainability report will help us to ask questions and take action. It highlights the things we do well, while also shining a spotlight on what could be improved. It reinforces our resolve not to rest on our laurels or continue working along the same old lines. We work every day to increase sustainability for our customers, ourselves and the world around us.

Read and down load our report here: Sustainability report

Printed sustainability report

Respect for human rights and counteracting corruption

LK does not tolerate corruption, bribery or other actions that limit or distort competition. All business operations must take place in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in the country in question. We promote long-term partnerships with both customers and suppliers in order to ensure we maintain control over our value chain.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of conduct LK permeates everything that we do. It clarifies what we require and expect from our suppliers, such as respect for basic human rights and fair, respectful treatment for their employees. All suppliers have to sign our Code of Conduct or present their own version that is similar to ours. Our suppliers are also responsible for ensuring that the Code of Conduct is applied throughout the value chain.

At LK, our attitude is that there is always a better way to do things. This attitude permeates our environmental work as well, where we are constantly trying to reduce our environmental impact and develop more sustainable ways forward.

Our environmental work

As a leading stakeholder in the HVAC industry, we feel it is our responsibility to lead by example. We view laws and environmental regulations as minimum requirements, and always strive to stay one step ahead in order to accelerate development towards a sustainable future.

However, regulations and specific environmental targets are not enough if we are to go on developing more eco-friendly products, solutions and systems. We also require long-term commitment, attitude changes and practical tools in our day-to-day operations. This is why we set aside time and resources to provide support for our environmental work throughout the entire organisation Improvement work is ongoing every day at LK – this is our contribution to future generations.

Employees on the production line

Differently abled staff an asset at LK

LK has developed a successful model for combining community involvement with business benefits. Individuals who are differently abled in a variety of ways are an important and highly appreciated part of production at our plant in Helsingborg.

LK was named employer of the year in 2010 (the Visa vägen award) by Samhall thanks to our commitment and ability to emphasise business benefits by maintaining diversity among our workforce. In 2017 a coworker  was awarded IF Metall grant against racists, because all people are of equal value.

We want to create a sustainable organisation and provide an attractive workplace for both existing and new staff. This organisation must be characterised by a safe work environment, low levels of sick leave, and great diversity and gender equality.

People watching presentation

Social conditions and personnel

Our leadership is an important prerequisite, allowing our staff to enjoy their jobs and develop together with our customers. Each year, we map with help of a staff survey, how we can develop as a leader and organization. 

It is also important for us to enhance awareness of sustainability and our responsibility for the entire value chain within the framework of our business model.

Installed pipes in inner roof

Work environment

We want all our staff to feel safe at work. In order to develop our work environment we constantly follow up how the staff feels that LK prioritises a safe work environment. Education and training is also an important element to prevent risks. Our production units use various methods to highlight risks during work and enhance awareness in order to reduce the number of occupational accidents. One example is the Green Cross, where we focus on the work environment every day and follow up on accidents and incidents.

Diversity and gender equality

LK strives to employ staff of different genders, nationalities, backgrounds, ages and experience. We feel this is a must if we are to go on developing as a company. We have staff from about 15 different nationalities at present. Personality is a major consideration when we recruit staff, and we have a long tradition of taking on differently abled staff.

Gender equality

We are already gauging the distribution of men and women working for us and we will continue working with our gender equality plan, defining, with clear targets, how we will increase the number of female staff at all levels within the organisation.