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Lagerstedt & Krantz and the support units are based in the Group´s head office in Bromma, Sweden. The Group's various business units operate locally through strong knowledge of their respective markets, customers and suppliers.
Black and white image of LK office building


The board of directors makes decisions concerning overall issues relating to LK, such as strategy, investments and organisational structure. The board has established special committees that investigate and make proposals on certain issues.

Chairman: Lars Erik Blom
Members: Björn Behm, Claes Behm, Dan Paradell, Stig Karlsson, Ulrika Behm (deputy board member), Erik Behm (deputy board member)


Each Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for the day-to-day management and oversight of the company operations. The CEOs form the Senior Executive Team, which is constituted as follows:

LK, Support units: Mario Hayek, CEO

Water and Heating: Systems, Michael Söderberg, CEO

Hydronic Solutions: Magnus Eriksson, CEO

PEX Pipe Extrusion: Fredrik Simonsson, CEO

Support staff units

The support units assist the management on Group-wide matters. They also provide support to the business units.

Finance: Mario Hayek

Human Resources: Helena Lillienberg

IT: Peter Dixner